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Thursday June 14


Breakfast (Room D170)


Opening (Room D169)


Plenary 1 (Room D169): Kirsten Refsing:

The Demise of the Ainu Church and the End of Bi-lingualism in Hokkaido, Japan

Paper sessions (Room D169)

Paper sessions (Room D165)


1: Shelley K. Taylor & Vickie Wai Kei Li:

Opening ‘spaces’ to bridge student plurilingualism and second/foreign language

2: Signe Wedel Schöning:

Poly-lingualism in the Periphery


1: Brigitta Busch & Judith Purkarthofer:

Linguistic repertoire and the construction of heteroglossic spaces in schools

2: Tatjana Rynkänen:

Russian-speaking immigrant adolescents in Finnish society – characteristics of bilingualism


1: Manka Varghese:

Constraints and opportunities in language minority teacher identity and teacher education in the United States

2: Marina Trebbels:

Raising educational aspirations: A case in favor of bilingualism


Lunch (Room D170)

Thursday June 14 - afternoon

Panel session: Discourses of Inheritance and Identity

(Schedule is approximate: panel organizer opens the panel with a 5 minute introduction)


Angela Creese, Adrian Blackledge, and Jaspreet Kaur Takhi:

Discourses of educational achievement in bilingual English Panjabi settings

2: Lise Iversen Kulbrandstad and Gunhild Tomter Alstad:

Forskningsbasert førskolelærerutdanning og flerspråklige perspektiver


Break: Coffee and tea (Room D170)


Kasper Juffermans and Jinling Li:

Being Dutch and Chinese at the same time: Voicing bilingual identities in the calssroom and online

Panel session:

How to develop plurilingual and intercultural competence via pluralistic approaches (Panel schedule is approximate: panel organizer opens the panel with a 5 minute introduction)

Petra Daryai Hansen


Carla Jonsson and Anu Muhonen:

"Älskar dig habibi♥": Indexing glocal and heritage identities through polylingual language practices on Facebook

Petra Daryai Hansen





Stiftende generalforsamling i Nordisk Association for Polysprogethed 

Friday june 15 - morning


Plenary 2 (Room D169): Jie Dong:

When monocentric language ideology meets polycentric language practice: A case from China's internal migrant children

 Room D166

 Room D165

 Room D169

Panel session: Panel session: Language use and language norms among and around young poly-languagers - Case studies from the Amager project

(Schedule is approximate: panel organizer opens the panel with a 5 minute introduction)

Paper sessions

Paper sessions


Martha Karrebæk

3: Eleonora Rossi & Dimitry Kochenov:

Bilingualism beyond language: Policy Meets Neuro reality of Bilingualism

6: Natalia Kukarenko and Ann Therese Lotherington:

Unrecognized (Linguistic) Work: Russian Mothers in Norway


Ulla Lundquist

3: Helena Smeds:

Perceptual compensation in blind second language learners

6: Torild Marie Olsen:

Flerspråklige barn i barnehage – stimulering av ordforråd i samtaler med personalet


Astrid Ag

3: Mirain Rhys, Enlli Mon Thomas, Jean Ware, Catrin Bethan Lye:

Exploring bilingual and L2 speakers’ performance on Executive Functioning tasks: issues from Wales

6: Line Møller Daugaard:

"Af-Soomaali!" – Somali teaching in a multilingual primary school in Denmark


Janus Spindler Møller and J. Normann Jørgensen

3: Laura Winther Balling:

Did you say experimental and naturalistic?! Using experiments to study real-life bilingualism

6: Yolanda Ruiz de Zarobe:

Bilingual education: From policy planning to learning outcomes


Break: Coffee and tea (Room D170)

Friday june 15 - afternoon


Andreas Stæhr

4: Larisa Shirobokova:

Modern networked media as a key factor in the globalization process to preserve endangered languages

7: Sari Pöyhönen and Lars Holm:

Literacy in adult second language teaching – the case of CEFR


Lian Malai Madsen

4: Sanna Voipio-Huovinen:

Teenager immigrant students as participants in global interaction

7: Liina Tammekänd:

The Bilingualism of Southern Estonians – the Structural Analysis of Narratives in Estonian and Võru


Lunch (Room D170)


Thomas Nørreby:

Superdiversity, ethnicities and language

5: Lars Anders Kulbrandstad:

Heldig med nye permanente minoritetsspråk? Svar fra norske lærere

8: Marta Kirilova:

Who gets the job? Interactional study of multilingual job interviews and workplace ideologies



5: Loreta Vaicekauskeinė and Laima Nevinskaitė:

Goodbye Russian. Welcome English?

8: Pia Hildebrand Møller og Stine Skou Nielsen:

Sproglige og studiemæssige udfordringer for studerende med dansk som andetsprog på Aarhus Universitet


Break: coffee and tea (Room D170)


Plenary 3: Lava Deo Awashi - cancelled because of the political crisis in Nepal. Lava has kindly wished to share his power point with conference delegates.


Reception and poster session (Room D170)

Saturday June 16

Paper sessions (Romm D169)

Paper sessions (Room D165)


9: Anna Kristina Hultgren:

English as a Language of Science and the Consequences for Nordic Terminology

11: Işıl Erduyan:

Restructuring (in) the language classrooms: Multilingual urban Turkish youth in Berlin


9: Victoria Tuzlukovka:

The Role of Bilingual Terminology Dictionaries in the Age of Globalization

11: Marte Monsen:

Tospråklige elever, lesetester og mangeldiskurs


10: Sofie Kokkinakis and Ulrika Magnusson:

Computer-based quantitative methods applied to first and second language student writing

11: Marie Rydenvald:

Language choice among multilingual students in an international context


10: Čekuolytė, Aurelija:

Pop Girls and Tough Boys: An Ethnographic Study of Russian and English in Vilnius Adolescents’ speech


Lunch (Room D170)


Plenary 4 (Room D169) : Jürgen Jaspers:

The politics of labelling urban speech styles

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