The 11th Nordic Conference on Bilingualism in Copenhagen

June 14th-16th 2012

Hosted by the Danish School of Education and the University of Copenhagen

Funded by the Danish Research Council


December 1, 2011: Proposals should be submitted

January 31, 2011: Scientific committee has decided on which abstracts will be accepted

June 1, 2012: Registration final abstracts, and conference fee

Plenary speakers

Kathy Jie Dong is a postdoc at Tilburg University in the Netherlands. She has been doing language research linked to migrant identity construction and ethnographic studies of linguistic superdiversity in China.

Jürgen Jaspers is Assistant Professor at Antwerpen University. His sociolinguistic research includes studies among young minority students in Belgium.

Kirsten Refsing is Professor of Japanese Studies at the University of Copenhagen with previous employment at the University of Hong Kong.

Her research areas include the Japanese Language, the Ainu language and culture and the history of the British missionaries in Hokkaido and the rest of Japan 1869-1900, and she has edited The Ainu Language published in 25 volumes.

Lava Deo Awashi is Director General of the Department of Education at the Ministry of Education in Nepal. He holds a PhD from the Danish School of Education. Lava Deo Awashti has had to cancel due to circumstances in Nepal. Lava has kindly wished to share his power point with conference delegates.

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